Traveling to various cities and countries is a part of the bucket list for most of us. Going to different places, visiting tourist attractions, eating different cuisines, and just enjoying ourselves.

An important part of traveling is choosing the best hotel, which makes us feel tranquil- mentally, physically, and financially.


essential oils in hotels

As time passes by, the facilities in hotels are being updated and upgraded to attract as many guests as possible. A part of these facilities is the use of aromatherapy and essential oils. Those in the hotel business are well aware of the effect of a good scent on a guest.

It is quite obvious that even we don’t really pay attention to what we see in the form of advertisements. But the scent is something that cannot be ignored. The scent of a person or a place sticks with us for a long time- and the same applies to hotel rooms.

Entering the hotel and immediately getting a whiff of an amazing-smelling fragrance will instantly bring a smile to a guest’s face and if the scent matches their mood, then it contributes as a factor for the hotel being chosen for the guest’s stay.


Nice smell acts therapeutically for the Travellers leaving a memorable experience forcing them to revisit the same hotel.

A nice and mild fragrance while laying down can relax a person enough to forget about all the stress for a while. So along with traveling and eating in different parts of the world, a hotel room that looks and smells nice can also be therapeutic for the body and soul.

Also, an amazing and comforting experience makes you want to visit the hotel again and again. This is exactly how hoteliers are expanding their business successfully even though there is an ocean of competition in the world.


👉 It is very important for the hoteliers to be able to choose the perfect fragrance- one which is not so light that nobody pays attention to it and not so strong that it becomes overwhelming.

So how exactly are these scents decided? How do the hoteliers become sure that the scent they choose will not fail in helping to take the business to new heights?



expanding hotel business

The hotel business is increasingly becoming popular among entrepreneurs. With the seemingly upgrading skills of the people involved in the hotel business, there are only a few hotels that force the guest to complain or leave unsatisfied.

The facilities keep on increasing with multiple unique ideas being implemented to attract guests.

The visual aspect is always taken care of by professionals trained in that sector and is not something that the guest has to worry about no matter how tight the budget is.

The whiff of fragrance upon entry into the hotel or hotel room leaves an impression that is unique in the case of each hotel. The scent which matches your mood or gives you a calm feeling will always make you return to that hotel.

So, a unique and refreshing fragrance or scent plays a vital role in a guests’ remembrance of the hotel and its facilities and services.



hotel room

A hotel room experience can be improved by the hotel staff as well as the guests themselves by keeping in mind and following certain tips.

Essential oils and fragrances can contribute to the process of making a healthier room in the following manner:

  1. A comfortable bath in warm water with a few drops of essential oils like lavender can relax the body and soul. It also helps in eliminating the tiredness and soreness from the body which is a result of traveling.
  2. Washing or wiping the surfaces of the room with an essential oil like wild orange helps in getting rid of any odd smell left behind by the previous guests. It also helps in purifying the room.
  3. Diffusers can be used to freshen up the room and create the environment desired by the guest.
  4. Candle holders which work as fragrance diffusers are very popular these days. It creates a dark and romantic ambience and also gives the fragrance of choice to suit the mood.


There are some additional points which help in making the room healthier. These tips are:

  1. Regular sweeping and cleaning of rooms do not allow any germs or impurities to be left in the room.
  2. Clean bedsheets and pillow covers must be provided.
  3. A well-maintained room with a proper color scheme can help in relaxing the body and soul of the person staying in it.



  1. LAVENDER– the mild, flowery smell of lavender makes the room fresh and instantly makes you smile. It covers up and gets rid of previously lingering smells and makes the stay experience better.
  1. PEPPERMINT– Peppermint has a cool feeling to it and instantly provides a refreshing and awakening feeling.
  1. BITTER ORANGE– Bitter orange acts to lift the mood or reduce the stress of the guest and adds and a pleasant fragrance to the room.
  1. GREEN TEA– it is a natural deodorant. It also acts as an insect repellent that does not have an offensive smell that creates discomfort.
  1. LEMONGRASS– it has a citrus smell that instantly refreshes the mind. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also acts as an antioxidant.
  1. Thyme– it is a crisp and clean fragrance and has a refreshing scent. It is perfect for hotels in warm areas.
  1. Coconut and lemongrass- the crispy fragrance of lemongrass combined with the mild and milky fragrance of coconut gives the perfect mix of bitter and sweet, elevating the experience.



Kanha Nature Oils

Kanha nature oils offer a wide variety of essential oils for the customers and clients of all industries for various requirements. The industries served by us are- Fragrance, hospitality, mosquito repellents, pharmaceuticals, seasoning, spa, aromatherapy, cattle feed, cosmetics, and hotels. For the hotel industry, Kanha nature oils provide aroma oils like:

  1. Thyme
  2. Tea tree
  3. Lavender
  4. Spearmint
  5. Rosemary
  6. Peppermint
  7. Lime
  8. Lemongrass
  9. Jasmine



It can be concluded that a guest’s experience highly depends upon their association with the scent of the hotel and their hotel room. The comfort and relaxation of a hotel room increase ten folds if the fragrance is according to the guest’s mood and can be uplifting for the body and soul. It is really important for the hoteliers to use the appropriate fragrance.